Plenty O'Toole.

Hey I'm Meighan O'Toole. I find the Internet and the sense of community it inspires fascinating. I work with creative individuals and brands to define their voice online using social media.

I have teh Internets to thank for my career.*

Thanks for taking a minute to stop by.

Have a question for me? shoot me an email.

*I used to blog a lot about art over here.


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#meow on the run


Pink Cat

Lisa Hanawalt

Pre-order a book!

Getting ready to interview Lisa Hanawalt for What’s Your Story podcast. SO EXCITED I NO RIGHT.

Light as a feather.

#100daysofhappy #21of100

Nature, the MC Escher edition.

#SelfieSunday #shhhhhhhh

Another rainy day in Any town, USA. #100daysofhappy #20of100

Rainy day crafting on the Cape. I found some great cord too. I’ll share the necklace once its made. #100daysofhappy #19of100

I can’t help but think about Splash when I come out here. #100daysofhappy #18of100

Long walks on the beach with this doofus. #100daysofhappy #17of100 #tw (at Dennis Port, Cape Cod)

Home sweet home. #100daysofhappy #16of100

Very excited about Kim Piper Werker’s book Make It Mighty Ugly - A Handbook for Vanquishing Creative Demons. Illustrations are by @katebingburt, with lots of advice from some pretty great people. I’m excited to read it and write a bit about it. I’ll keep you posted.

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I interviewed @KateMiss last year about social media & got a peek in her studio:

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One of my favorite tricks to share. @IFTTT rules: Tips & Tricks: IFTTT & Twitter Cards

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