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Hey I'm Meighan O'Toole. I find the Internet and the sense of community it inspires fascinating. I work with creative individuals and brands to define their voice online using social media.

I have teh Internets to thank for my career.*

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Beautiful day today. (at Castle Island)



I’ve got @joshlafayette on What’s Your Story Podcast today. We talk about being online, striving to happy, making frans and developing professional relationships on social media. AND we listen to samples of Josh’s killer song Taco Friend!

Link in profile. #regram from the man himself.

What’s Your Story with Guest Josh Lafayette

What’s Your Story with Guest Josh Lafayette

Josh Lafayette, illustrator and designer on What's Your Story, episode 2

In my latest episode of What’s Your Story, I sit down with independent designer and illustrator, Josh Lafayettea few weeks ago to talk about his experience online as a creative business owner. We cover everything from following your gut and working to stay positive even if that means moving hundreds of miles, how best to use social media regardless of how many followers you have, and maintaining…

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She’s so hard to stay mad at.

I love the idea of this: Emily Poe Crawford (@Emdashpaperco) utilizes Instagram’s video,…

I love the idea of this: Emily Poe Crawford (@Emdashpaperco) utilizes Instagram’s video, shows off her style, and wraps it up with a discount for a sale in her shop.

So smart. (P.S. Her sale goes on through today! I personally love this.)

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If they could speak, what do you think they would be saying to each other?

Yes! @thekatvond is wearing @bloodmilk earrings for her makeup campaign. Right on. #tw

Why yes, I most certainly do.

Giving Your Readers A Place to Go: Call To Action

Giving Your Readers A Place to Go: Call To Action

Always make sure you give your readers a call to action on social media

Do you know how little time you have to grab someone’s attention, let alone hold their concentration online? It is very, very slim. But we’re not going to delve into the depressing amount of noise we need to battle to get our voices heard. Nope! Today we’re going to talk about the marketing/web term: Call to Action, or CTA.

A CTA is an instruction to provoke an immediate action. In this instance…

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Can’t take a beautiful photo to save your life? My latest blog post gives you 6 free resources for high quality stock images. They’re also all copyright free.

Link in profile.

More Awesome Stock Image Sites!

More Awesome Stock Image Sites!

6 More Stock Photo Sources!

At the beginning of the month I wrote a post sharing 4 of my favorite stock image sites I use for my own content. Since I wrote that post, I’ve been introduced to a two more great sites, so I figured I’d round out that list with them and a few other sites I didn’t mention in my last post. Plus, considering I just wrote a fun post utilizing Canvato make graphics, I thought it would be a good time…

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Life imitates art.

Guess who learned how to fetch a ball while swimming! She’s a little forceful with her paddle so she comes half way out of the water! Of course Stella refuses to catch a ball on dry land but she could have done this for hours today. Love this goofy little beast.

I also posted this as a “moment” on Tinder, so don’t go feeling special.

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