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Hey I'm Meighan O'Toole. I find the Internet and the sense of community it inspires fascinating. I work with creative individuals and brands to define their voice online using social media.

I have teh Internets to thank for my career.*

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@blam - Mission Aquarius at National Undersea Research Center


60 Feet Underwater: Instagramming from Mission Aquarius

Want to see more? Check out pictures tagged with #missionaquarius, Aquarius’ location page, as well as Brian’s article “The Extreme Difficulty of Leaving an Underwater Base”.

Brian Lam, an ocean exploration journalist and the editor of The Scuttlefish and The Wirecutter, recently embarked on a week-long trip to the NOAA Aquarius Reef Base — the world’s last remaining undersea habitat — where he interviewed Sylvia Earle and dove with Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of Jacques Cousteau.

While 60 feet underwater, Brian shared beautiful photographs of his mission through his Instagram account — @blam. Learn more about Mission Aquarius, sharing Instagram images from deep below the blue ocean, and Brian’s desire to document his best adventure yet in the audio above!

(via emptyage)


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