Here’s a time-lapse animated gif of a huge mural I painted recently at Montserrat College of Art for Seven, an annual performative project that takes place every summer in the main gallery. I’ve never worked this large before and I want to do it again! I’m selling 11x14 prints of the original drawing in my Etsy shop, so please check it out if you have a chance!

LOVE this.



In the Artist’s Studio with @MelKadel

Mel Kadel’s serene, sepia-tinged drawings are characterized by repetitive patterns and varied but recurring characters.

It’s hard to imagine how such precise and delicate drawings are created, but through her Instagram feed, @melkadel, Kadel brings people into her Echo Park, California, studio for an up-close glimpse.

“Art-making is a quiet and personal process that I love to show snaps of from under my drawing lamp,” says Kadel. “I like the intimacy of showing something while it’s being made.”

Follow Mel’s account for photos of both her process and the lives of her rich characters: @melkadel.