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Hey I'm Meighan O'Toole. I find the Internet and the sense of community it inspires fascinating. I work with creative individuals and brands to define their voice online using social media.

I have teh Internets to thank for my career.*

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What’s Your Story with Guest Lisa Congdon

What’s Your Story with Guest Lisa Congdon

What's Your Story: Lisa Congdon

This week I catch up with my friend, artist, illustrator and now book author Lisa Congdon. I’m delighted to have her on the show to discuss her new book Art, Inc., The Essential Guide for Building Your Career as an Artist. Although written by Lisa, Art Inc., is part of a larger series edited by Meg Mateo Ilasco and developed with Chronicle Books. The book is an incredible wealth of information,…

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In the Artist’s Studio with @MelKadel

Mel Kadel’s serene, sepia-tinged drawings are characterized by repetitive patterns and varied but recurring characters.

It’s hard to imagine how such precise and delicate drawings are created, but through her Instagram feed, @melkadel, Kadel brings people into her Echo Park, California, studio for an up-close glimpse.

“Art-making is a quiet and personal process that I love to show snaps of from under my drawing lamp,” says Kadel. “I like the intimacy of showing something while it’s being made.”

Follow Mel’s account for photos of both her process and the lives of her rich characters: @melkadel.



Amanda Palmer on the terrifying joy of sharing your art online – fantastic talk from the Grub Muse literary conference. 

(via explore-blog)


Medical Update

Last evening, just 23 days after the bombing attack on Boston, our seven year old daughter Jane underwent her eleventh surgery. While she has more trips to the O.R. ahead of her, last night’s operation marked an important milestone, as doctors were finally able to close the…

Incredible faith and courage in such a heartbreaking situation. It’s hard to not cry reading this.



“What good is sharing a city like New York with millions of other people if you can’t connect with them? On most days of the year, you pass by your fellow pedestrians without noticing them.”

On June 1st, all that will (hopefully) change. Thanks to a grant from the Awesome Foundation (a…

In case you missed my post last month on burning out online, and why I ultimately stopped blogging on My Love for You, here it is!

Official trailer for the Bronies Doc.

I got serious warm fuzzies.


The biggest April Fools’ joke this year isn’t actually a joke. It’s a true story of needlessly wasted content, frustrated users, and a less-than-graceful exit.

Graceful Exits

Yesterday, on the heels of its acquisition, popular recipe site Punchfork closed its doors. This kind of acquisition…

This is pretty lame.

Great opportunity here: Job: Content and Community Coordinator at The Fetch

Thanks to a friend at WIRED, I got added to the ‘Who to follow in Tech’ on G+.

BUT I’m so lonesome over there…no one I know is really active on there. I’m trying to think of the days when I was first on Twitter & hoping G+ will blow up. Because, honestly — it’s much better than Facebook. The interface is beautiful, the layout is so easy on the eyes — and sharing info is easy, looks great & well…just better.

I’m delighted to have a larger audience to share info with…but…where my people at?

Will you join?


Today is National Take Your Dog to Work Day. Did you bring your pooch to work?

Here at WIRED, we love our four legged friends. We’ll be sharing our office dogs later today with you. But until then let’s see your favorite canines!

Picture reply below with an image of your dog. Let’s see your pups!

Doooooo eeeeeet!


We saw great photos on Instagram for our community challenge for #GeekDadDay!

Our favorites:

From left to right: row 1: @faulkner1129, @supermartianrobot, @77chuck row 2: @rpeschetz, @nateekins, @weudel row 3: @calebtemple, @a4sterling, @bengt_anders_rask

Loved these pics!

Swedes’ Twitter Voice: Anyone, Saying (Blush) Almost Anything

Sweden chooses one Swedish resident to run their twitter handle for one week, every week.

This was a beautiful moment on Twitter yesterday. An amazing way a community came together over something heartbreaking. Bittersweet.

Artist Souther Salazar contacted me this week about a new project he and his wife, Monica have begun called The Trading Tortoise. The overall idea, they say is to “celebrate the act of sharing”. Stop. That’s basically all I need to know to support this project. But for those of you interested in a bit more, here’s an excerpt from their project and blog:

The Trading Tortoise, a traveling art installation/trading post that we would set up in different communities around America to barter objects and stories with people. In exchange, they get something special from another place we’ve been. Either something we’ve collected ourselves or traded for.

They have fully backed the project in a whopping 3 days…but if you are so inclined, please consider adding more, they still have 15 days to go.

Keep in mind you won’t be funding just a trip cross country — The Trading Tortoise will be at many different and very important events along the way. Including, an Ed Emberley - inspired collaborative mural with Caleb Neelon at Children’s Hospital Boston (In conjunction with a display of original work by Mr. Emberley)

To find out more check out their Kickstarter page.

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