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@blam - Mission Aquarius at National Undersea Research Center


60 Feet Underwater: Instagramming from Mission Aquarius

Want to see more? Check out pictures tagged with #missionaquarius, Aquarius’ location page, as well as Brian’s article “The Extreme Difficulty of Leaving an Underwater Base”.

Brian Lam, an ocean exploration journalist and the editor of The Scuttlefish and The Wirecutter, recently embarked on a week-long trip to the NOAA Aquarius Reef Base — the world’s last remaining undersea habitat — where he interviewed Sylvia Earle and dove with Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of Jacques Cousteau.

While 60 feet underwater, Brian shared beautiful photographs of his mission through his Instagram account — @blam. Learn more about Mission Aquarius, sharing Instagram images from deep below the blue ocean, and Brian’s desire to document his best adventure yet in the audio above!

(via emptyage)

Swedes’ Twitter Voice: Anyone, Saying (Blush) Almost Anything

Sweden chooses one Swedish resident to run their twitter handle for one week, every week.

@TitanicRealTime takes you on the the enormous ship’s journey — from beginning to end — including the crash that will virtually take place on Sunday.

Experience Titanic’s epic journey with minute-by-minute tweets as if from on board the ship itself.

Just as Instagram makes bad photos look good and good photos look great, Facebook makes you look happy and loved if you’re not, and joyous and adored if you are. Self-brand and share. Filter, and share. Share the edited stuff, the varnished stuff, the stuff with the halo around it. Take a step away from truth for the sake of beauty.

Dan Zak, in a day-after essay on how Facebook and Instagram were meant for each other. (via washingtonpoststyle)

I understand that this was egotistical & not very savvy — but man, this story is so meta. They fire him for doing something (albeit arrogant) different from the norm, when that is what they hired him for to begin with.

We truly are in a new era of what’s what.


Newspaper reporter fired for announcing his hiring on Tumblr

It was hardly the most professional thing to do, but you can hardly blame young reporter Khristopher J. Brooks for whipping up a fake press release to celebrate his new job at Delaware’s The News Journal. He’d already applied at 30 other places, after all, and it’s hard out there for a reporter nowadays. Brooks posted the harmless, fun piece to his Tumblr blog on April 5.

Media blogger Jim Romenesko picked up the letter in a blog post on Wednesday. Brooks’ new employer took notice. By the end of the day, Brooks was fired.

(via discoverynews)

Such a good read. A lot of the things they point out in here is why I curbed my blogging, and made it a point to get out & live my life instead of documenting every damn detail I was involved in.

I believe in social media — and I believe we can have amazing and truly life altering experiences because of it (Hello, career.) but with anything, there is a limit. 

Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

Comments are Bad Business for Online Media

Are they?

I have many opinions on this. But ultimately, I believe that humans want to share — and by cutting off this avenue then we cut off the many possibilities that could arise.

I fall somewhere in between what Joel has to say here. I think it’s up to the Community Managers and the actual sites to get tight and set the precedent for what they will accept. No more hate or free for all rants.

By shutting down comments you are shutting down opportunities. Communities are important to sites. With out them, we are nothing.


How much is a tweet worth? About 1/10,000 as much as a Yelp review.

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